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Is (herpes) zoster contagious?

Hello expert team,
I am suffering from CF and my brother has shingles (herpes zoster) at the moment. Do I have to fear that it is contagious?
Many thanks.
Zoster is not contagious for people that do not have an immuno-deficiency. Most people had varicella in their childhood and they are immune against the virus. Did you have varicella? If not, you could get varicella, however only the contact to the vesicles of the zoster is contagious. Zoster is an illness caused by the varicella virus, that sleeps in the nerves of the people who had formerly varicella and sometime, especially in case of immunodeficiency or elderly people, it comes through again. Therefore you cannot get a zoster via transmission from your brother. Therefore you do not have to fear.
Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Joachim Bargon