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nose rinsing

Dear expert team,

After hearing different opinions I wanted also to ask my question here.
Is it necessary to boil the water that you use for rinsing your nose? Until today I used lukewarm tap water.

Kind regards
Dear questioner,

Thank you for this question. We can state that the water quality of drinking water in Europe in general and also in Belgium in particular is checked in such a way that we can consider tap water as safe water.

You can thus just use tap water for your nasal cannister.

Just be aware of some basic precautions.
-The quality of the water is guaranteed up to your connection point. You must however ensure that your entire water system remains clean. This can be ensured by keeping the temperature of the boiler sufficiently high (> 60 °), in order to prevent bacterial growth).
-If you have not used your tap water for quite a time, for example after a holiday, we advise you to run the faucet during about five minutes with hot water before using the water.
-After using the nasal cannister, please rince it thoroughly with hot water and keep it dry afterwards.

Kind regards
There has been a similar question on this issue on the German platform:

As you can see from the answer of the CF-ENT specialist and the microbiologist, one cannot make a clear statement here, as nobody knows if there will be a relevant germ load in the pipes of the house. Therefore the decision remains a compromise between estimation of risk against a simplification of prodecures in daily life.
Dr. D. d'Alquen (coordinator of the central English Archive of ECORN-CF)