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Appeared for the first time in the sputum - where did I get it from?
Dear questioner,
you wnat to know, where you acquired the germ Burkholderia. As I cannot conclude it from your question, I assume, that you are a CF patient and that it deals with the detection of Burkholderia in the sputum.

Informations about Burkholderia multivorans and about many other germs in case of CF can be found in the "requirements on the hygiene for the medical care of patients with cystic fibrosis". These recommendations have been worked out from the comission for hospital hygiene and infection prevention (KRINKO) of the Robert-Koch institue (RKI) in Berlin (Germany) [guidelines are in German].
There are many (at least 10) different Burkholderia-genomovars (bacterial species) and one speks hereby about a Burkholderia cepacia-complex (Bcc). Bcc germs are like Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) gram-negative infectious germs. Similar to Pa it deals with Bcc about biofilm building humid germs.

Bcc are ubiquitious in the earth, especially at the roots of certain plants and can therefore be acquired from the environment. A transmission from patient to patient is possible, that can happen in the hospital but however also outside the hospital via close social contacts between CF patients.

Best regards,
Yours Dr. med. Christina Smaczny