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Warmwater bath days in the public swimming pool

Dear expert team,
in an indoor swimming pool near our home there are so called warmwater bath days (the water temperature is at 31°C). Can my daughter (CF, 2 years old) take a bath there or is it like with the baby pools and jacuzzis and therefore has to be dehorted? If yes, this would unfortunately mean that she can not go swimming at all, as the "cold" pools are still too cold for her. Until now, she has been at the warmwater bath days two times and she loves it very much...Many thanks for your answer.
Best regards,
Dear Mrs L.,
in general there is in Germany a law concerning swimming pools, that says that the bathing water is not allowed to contain any P. aeruginosa or faecal germs (e.g. Enterococci, E. coli) in 100ml, that has also be controlled on a microbiological level (self-control by the operator/control by the authorities of the public health department). Water in public swimming pools that has been chlorinated and filtered accordingly is therefore very secure from the micobiological standpoint. Therefore, CF patients are not dehorted from swimming, only from the usage of the showers and also of the jacuzzis.
Bacteria are multiplying typically better in high temperatures, that is however compensated in case of the water in the pool by the prescribed processing of the water, therefore, even on warmwater bathing days there is no higher germ load to be expected. Concerning the security of a swimming pool visit in case of CF, you can orientate yourself on other answers about this topic.
Baby pools have in general a markedly smaller water volume than the large pools and in case many children are bathing in there one has to count on higher germ loads after a busy day. The water is often not filtered but is therefore changed completely.
Concerning the hygiene measures at your swimming pool you can indeed ask the operator or ask the local health authorities. This can increase additionally the trust in following the rules on water hygiene, as there is of course no absolute security.
I wish you much joy while going swimming and apologize for the late answer.

Best regards,
Michael Hogardt