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MBL (mannose-binding lectin)-associated immune deficiency in case of CF

Dear CF Ecorn team,
I have recently been diagnosed to have an MBL (mannose-binding lectin) deficiency (below 30ng/dl) during a hospital stay at a clinic in town.
I have been admitted via the emergency doctor to the emergency departement of the hospital because of acute dyspnea and sputum, here a pneumonia has been diagnosed via a thorax x-ray.
CRP value (0,09mg/dl) and the leucocytes (9,7/nl) have been too low for a pneumonia according to the physician, therefore further laboratoray values, among those also the mentioned MBL, have been investigated. The rest, also the blood gas analysis and the immune globulins have been normal except for IgM (290mg/dl), creatinin (1,6mg/dl), hemoglobin (9,8g/dl).
I have only been diagnosed to suffer from CF for one year (R117H-5T mutation), before, my lung problems have been associated to asthma and bronchiectasis. With my CF I have especially problems with my lung, I am positive for Pseudomonas and I am 24-years old.
Now to my acutal questions:

1. What does the MBL deficiency immune defect mean for me; consequences? Can something change therapeutically with that? Do I have to take soemthing into account concerning my clinical daily life? ...The clinician could not really give me an answer....
2. If I have an infection, are the CRP values/leucocyte counts not meaningful anymore due to the MBL deficiency immune defect? It is not for the first time that I had an infection and the inflammtory values have been normal.

Many thanks in advance, until now nobody could give me a meaningful answer.

Best regards,
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