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Vitamins and nutritional supplement

our child tends to an ADHD like behaviour. Often exceedingly restless, impatient etc., in many questionnaires about ADHD a diagnose has been assured. We have been at two specialists, one diagnosed undoubtly an ADHD, the other disclaimed...
Because of the illness of CF I prefer the variant, not to give Ritalin additionally, especially because the diagnosis is unclear. Now I have read that krill oil is also helpful in case of ADHD - can I try this unproblematically? Do I have to give a dosage a bit higher than the recommended one because of CF (of course with Kreon)?
Or could it also be a vitamin deficiency (especially C), that plays a role in here?
Thank you for your answer
krill oil contains the important omega-3-fatty acids for the nerval development. In some studies, indeed a small to moderate improvement of the behaviour could be assessed, after a longer intake of omega-3-fatty acids, especially DHA and EPA from the fish oil, however in other studies this was not the case.
As CF patients have a high turnover of omega-3-fatty acids, nothings speaks against the intake of krill oil. Please pay attention to give maximally 3 g of these fatty acids per day. About 1 g per day (DHA + EPA) would suffice, in order to find the mentioned slight changes.
Accordingly, in case of a pancreatic insufficiency, a sufficient enzyme substitution is mandatory.
Concerning the striking behaviour of your child you should probably check its consumption of sugar and in general its nutritional habits. You do not write, how old your child is. Especially small children react very sensitive to hypoglycaemias, so that one has to pay attention to regular meals. Also the choice of food can play a role. Thus e.g. sugar (sweets, soft drinks, sugared dairy products, sweet backery) can also cause fluctuations of the blood sugar values, that could have an influence on the behaviour. Meals rich in fibre reduce peaks of blood sugar levels.
I hope to have answered your question and stay with my best regards,
Suzanne van Dullemen