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Ghrelin (a hormone of appetite)

I am a mother of a CF little boy who has trouble eating enough, because of a lack of appetite.
I know you've already talked about this and that the factors are numerous, but I also wanted to know whether the role of ghrelin was studied in cystic fibrosis. Is it the same concentration in patients who are struggling to gain weight? Is a supplement of this hormone is possible and has already been tried?
Thank you in advance for clarification.
Best Regards.

The role of ghrelin, a gastric hormone involved in the sensation of hunger, has been little studied in the context of cystic fibrosis. A few studies have attempted to establish a link between ghrelin levels in the blood and the body mass index, that is to say the nutritional status, of cystic fibrosis patients, and compared with patients healthy controls. The results are sometimes contradictory from one study to another; a rise in ghrelin levels seems to be emerging in patients, but its meaning is so far not clearly shown.

Best regards
Dr Michèle Gérardin