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Gardening and kitchen garden


My 4-year-old CF son has no particular worry like aspergillosis or pseudomonas infection (at least for now). He wishes that we plant flowers and that we maintain a kitchen garden together.
I know that the aspergillus is in the ground, the compost etc.... If my son wants to do gardening, which are the precautions to respect?

Thank you in advance

Gardening is a complete and very pleasant outdoor activity and it's difficult to forbid it to CF people.

Nevertheless, the risk of aspergillosis has to be taken into account: aspergillus fumigatus is a filamentous mushroom present everywhere in the environment, in particular in the garden (leaves, weed, law mowing, ground and compost …).

I invite you to discuss it with the staff of your CF center which knows well your child.

If your son wants to garden, it is necessary to encourage him to respect certain rules:
- wearing of a face mask during the activity
- wearing of gloves during the activity
- wash of hands with the soap after the activity

Very cordially
Y Kerneur