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I am an adult CF patient. The lung problems have always been not too severe, but I have always had problems with digestion, that manifest in an always severely distended abdomen.
Now I have, since the beginning of the year, just left out the enzyme substitution completely (before about 2000 IU/g fat) and the problems have disappeared.
The weight is constant, rather increasing and the stool is normal. New is however a nightly sickness, that occurs mostly at the same time.
Does anything speak against going on with leaving out of the Kreon?
Many thanks in advance.
it would be recommendable to do another testing of the pancreatic elastase in the stool again in your case, with the question, if there is a relevant impairment of the pancreatic function.
If an impairment would again be confirmed, then a dosage adjustment of the pancreatic enzymes should be done with the help of a dietician. Probably the change of the preparation could also help.
As also other illnesses of the gut, like chronic inflammatory bowel diseases or also food intolerances could be the reason for your complaints, the consultation of a gastro-enterologist would be helpful for further evaluation.
Best regards,
Dr. Christian Hügel