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Can I take part with my 7-year-old CF-boy at a cruise without worries?
Thank you
Dear questioner,
this question cannot be answered in general.
If a cruise represents a risk for a 7-year-old child with CF depends on the one hand on the physical constraints of the child and on the other hand on the destination of the cruise.
In case of changes like an impaired lung function or impairment of the pancreas with low weight, a cruise, dependent on the destination and the planned trips, can represent a burden. Concerning the destination, one has to take the recommendations for vaccination into account in the forefield.
A child with cystic fibrosis but without the above mentioned marked impairments and in an infection-free interval, should be able to do such a trip without a considerable risk. Regular disinfection of hands would be recommendable and if possible the usage of the own toilet in the cabin.
In General, trips with children suffering from CF should be as possible as with children not suffering from a chronic disease. However, a detailed preparation is necessary in cooperation with the CF center.

Best regards,
Wolfgang Gleiber