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Liver and cytolysis


I am worried for my 1 year old CF baby: according to the last checkup, he has a "mild cytolysis" of the liver, he takes Ursofalk, do you think it can progress to liver cirrhosis?
Thank you.

The liver illness is common in cystic fibrosis, affecting about 30% of children under 12; manifestations are diverse and causes are multifactorial (abnormal bile secretion, inflammation, fatty essential acid deficiency, malnutrition ...). Only a minority of these children will develop cirrhosis.

Your baby is treated with ursodeoxycholic acid for a "mild cytolysis." Some elements are missing to be able to accurately answer your question: what is the appearance and size of the liver in clinical examination and ultrasound, which abnormalities does her blood test show?

An increase in transaminases may be seen early, suggesting liver steatosis. Nonspecific isolated laboratory abnormalities are common in infants and often normalize in 2-3 years, with no future development of cirrhosis.

The long-term treatment by Ursofalk aims to improve bile secretion, with a beneficial effect on liver biology.

Regular monitoring is of course essential, both clinical, laboratory, and ultrasound to ensure the absence of progression of liver disease.

Kind regards
Dr Michèle Gérardin