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Port explantation

Dear experts,

After 16 years my port was explanted for I did not need it for IV’s since 5 years any more.

I decided to do this because I have optical problems and could not rinse it myself anymore as I had done it all the years before. This would have to be done in the hospital from time to time.

Unfortunately, the explantation did not work well. The port tube tore off. Obviously it was so much adhered that it was not possible to remove the rest of the tube (~15 cm).

Have you heard about such a case before? Which complications are involved?

In retrospect, I ask myself if the port could have stayed unrinsed in the body? This would have saved me at least the infection risk of the operation.

Best regards,
M. N.


Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. Possible implications are, however, not different from those of a non-rinsed catheter. Usually, by using ultrasound, it can be tested well if thrombi have formed at the top of the remaining catheter; if so, this could make it necessary to have them removed by surgery.

Please discuss this with your treating doctor or with the vascular surgeon. It is also very important whether you can tolerate it well if a part of the tube is remaining inside your body.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner