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My son (18 years old) has been diagnosed to have an atelectasis. He has a very good overall health status. His oxygen values are very good, lung function 103%, sputum findings o.k., very good weight, no dyspnea, physically fully stressable, therefore no impairment. Is there the possiblity, that the atelectasis can resolve fully by increased physiotherapy or is a bronchoscopy with flushing urgently necessary without cessation and can this also be done in the ambulant setting?

an atelectasis can have different causes. A clarification via a bronchscopy is therefore recommendable. History, clinical picture and findings are important for the judgment how urgently the investigation has to be done and the possiblity to do it in the ambulant setting. I recommend therefore, that you talk to your physician in charge, as the expert team can only inform you.

Best regards,
Dr. Christian Hügel