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Suggested sunken chest in case of a child with CF

Dear expert team,

our daughter (6-years old), CF, has a slight deformation of the chest. At the last visit in the CF center, the physician in charge spoke about a suggested sunken chest. He said, that one could not do anything against it at the moment, that however, if it would disturb her when she is breathing, one could have it operated later. Now we have read a bit about the sunken chest in the internet, about the impairment of heart and lung because of it and also that one could do something against it probably with physiotherapy or suction cup.
Now we rather do not like to wait, until it comes to impairments and we have the idea to present our daughter at a specialist. What is your opinion about this? Are there any experiences in case of children with CF, that have a sunken chest, are there therapeutical possibilities that can positively influence a sunken chest during growth? How can we find a suitable specialist? We are living in the south of the blackforest (Germany).
We would be very pleased about your experience and recommendations.
Many thanks!

first of all I want to calm you as parents down and I state:
a suggested sunken chest in case of a child with CF does not have to be treated specifically.
Of course it is important to strengthen the chest muscles: swimming, tennis, gymnastics and of course intensive physiotherapy, with special breathing therapy, what is essential in case of CF.
Only in very extreme cases of a sunken chest, when heart and lungs do not have enough space anymore in the thorax, an operative correction is considered.
Studying information from the internet is not expedient and should be avoided in any case. Corrective operative measures will not be in discussion in case of your daugher at all. Even not later!
Strengthening of the chest muscles and the promotion of the mobility of the thorax is very much sufficient.
Please file away the "suggested sunken chest"! Later impairments do not have to be expected at all.
If parents are looking for sports and a suitable physitherapy, no further specialist has to be consulted.

The further procedure can for sure be discussed with your CF center.

Best regards,
Dr. H.-E. Heuer