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More commonly, morphine is used to relieve great suffering.
What about for CF people in severe respiratory failure? Can they be treated with morphine if needed?
If not, what is the alternative treatment, excluding analgesics?

In patients with CF, morphine and its derivatives should be used in moderation as they slow intestinal transit and can be responsible for obstruction, cystic fibrosis promoting these occlusive syndromes. Their prescription should be made on a case by case basis and depending on the cause of the pain.

The same applies to the respiratory depressant character: prescription depends on the degree of respiratory failure, use or not of a non-invasive ventilation device and the context in which it is located (transplant waiting, palliative care ... )

Alternatives exist according to the etiology of pain: local analgesic patch, TENS stimulation device (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). Techniques such osteopathy can also be used.

There are consultations of pain that can assist in pain management.

Best Regards
Dr Isabelle Danner-Boucher