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Padma Basic, Neoglandyna Omega 6

What do you think of giving to a CF patient such preparations like Padma Basic, Neoglandyna Omega 6? How could they influence the health status of this patient?
Dear questioner,

we tried to find something out about the two preparations you were
mentioning. Padma basic is a healing plant preparation form the Tibetan
medicine, containing many different herbs. I could not find out something
about Neoglandyna Omega 6, probably it contains Omega 6 fatty acids, but
probably also other substances.

The problem with such preparations is that they contain a variety of
substances and we do not have any data about studies with these preparations
in CF patients. Therefore, to answer your second question, it is not proven
that they will improve the health status of a CF patient - the contrary
could be the case: side effects and interactions of those poorly evaluated
therapies are unknown and are not carefully reported. For that safety issues
and lack of data in CF patients, one could not make a recommendation for
those kind of preparations.

In any case it is important, that patients should mention the
non-conventional therapies they want to take or take to their CF doctor and
discuss with him safety and benefit issues.

Best regards, Natalia Kobelska-Dubiel, MD, PhD