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Garden hose - Pseudomonas

I have a question about the risk of Pseudomonas infection. Now in the summer, many children use garden hoses to splash around with water. My daughter would like to join this fun, of course. I am not sure, however, whether Pseudomonas will grow in these hoses. And if so, is it sufficient to let the water run through the hoses for some time?

Many thanks and kind regards.


Thank you for your further question about the risk of bacterial pathogens due to water exposure. Residual water in a garden hose provides good conditions for bacterial growth. One can also assume that, as typical water bugs, Pseudomonas may be found in the water. In any case, your thought of letting the water run through the hose first is sensible and advisable. Theoretically, it is sufficient to do this only until all of the residual water has run out of the hose. The risk of germ transmission should then be minimized considerably. When subsequently playing with garden hoses/sprinklers, you should pay attention that your daughter does not drink the water.

Kind regards,
Jörg Steinmann