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Staphylococcus (MRSA)


My 8-month-old son carries a resisting staphylococcus in his lungs.

Is there a risk that one day this bacterium "moves" and affects others organs or that it becomes a "generalized" infection?
If he has a wound for example.

Furthermore, is it dangerous for the others to go with him to maternity hospital to visit a friend who has just delivered?

Thank you very much of your help
Dear Madam,

Some young patients can have staphylococcus aureus resistant to meticillin (MRSA) very early in their history. However, all are not going to present respiratory infections. Some teams recommend however to try to eradicate the germ with prolonged antibiotic treatments. Nevertheless the failures (reappearance of the germ in a shorter or longer term) are frequent. In this situation, swabs can be done to the parent's to detect and handle the presence of this germ at their home (potential source of recolonisation of the baby).

In cystic fibrosis, the staphylococcus aureus resistant to meticillin is responsible most of the time only for respiratory infections, but in theory, it can be the origin of cutaneous infections and can be passed on to other people. In your case, it is not advisable to bring together your baby and the one of your friend as long as the baby is very young.

Very cordially

Philippe Reix