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Popping in the knee


Since a few years I (28, CF) have sometimes more, sometimes less problems with joint pain, especially in the knee. My CF doctor does not see any need for action.

About 1,5 months ago the left knee started suddenly to make a popping sound whenever I stretched it and it still does since then.

The popping is not painful but I noticed that I try unconsciously to avoid the popping by putting more pressure on the other knee.

I am a bit concerned if this could be somehow relevant. Could you give me an advice if I further action is needed or if I can ignore this?

Many thanks!
Best regards


“Popping in the joints” can have many meanings if it occurs without having pain. In most cases it is harmless but it could also be the expression of a cartilage lesion, etc. But if we talk about joint pain, this is something different: There is a special joint involvement in CF. It is impossible to judge your knee problem from a distance; anyway, many individuals have problems with the knee joints, and the knees are relatively often affected by CF arthropathy.

As you describe your situation there is a certain dynamic, though. Therefore, I would think it could make sense to have checked it by an orthopedist in cooperation with your CF centre.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner