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Aspergillus and cortisone

My pulmonologist put me under symbicort (budesonid + foromoterol for inhalation) because of the radiography, nothing visible. It has been 3 days since I take it but today I had the results of the expectoration exams and I see a mycosis with aspergilus fumigatus. Do I have to continue the cortisone? I had several times some voriconazole and it is still in my pharmacy; while waiting for my pulmonologist could I begin voriconazole?

The presence of Aspergillus Fumigatus in the expectorations of CF patients is frequent and it's not an argument for starting a specific treatment.

Your doctor has other biological and radiological parameters which will allow him to know if it's relevant to start again or not an antifungal treatment.

Especially, do not take the voriconazole without having informed your doctor. In the same way, the intake of cortisone (via inhalation) a priori has no impact on the presence of aspergillus in the secretions.

Best regards
Philippe Reix