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Riding/horses hygiene

my daughter wants to take riding lessons. My question is, if she is allowed to ride also in the riding hall or it this rather risky?
And what about going into the stable to the horses? Is this a risk, too?
Would a face mask be helpful?
Best regards,
Dear questioner,
it is for sure nice and great for your daughter to have contact to horses and to do horse riding. However it has to be taken into account, that in horse stables, the hygienic surroundings are very infavourable for CF patients, as especially on the straw, there can be bacteria and especially also mould fungi, that could be a problem for CF patients. It is rather not about Pseudomonas aeruginosa, however the mould fungus Aspergillus fumigatus, that might occur, lead in some CF patients to an allergic reaction of the lung.
Therefore I would discourage to visit the stable, to muck out the barnstable and to clean the horse. A stay at fresh air or the the riding hall should however not be a problem.
I wish your daughter much fun while doing horse riding!
Best regards,
Barbara Kahl