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Infertility treatment, antibioitics

My husband (CF) and me, we are just before starting our infertiliy treatment. His gaining of sperms (TESE = testicular extraction of sperms) had to be postponed due to a flue. We are waiting till the infection is over, in order to have the operation done. However it is difficult to find a timepoint for him, when he is doing well, he is not taking antibiotics and the last intake has been some time ago. He takes about once a moth an oral antibiotic and every 3 months he is doing an i.v. with diverse antibiotics. In general he is doing fine, however the times without antibiotics are very rare. Is that a problem for the genetic material? To have a child is only possible for us by ICSI (intracytoplasmatic sperm injection) and in order to have a stable condition of my husband, an oral or an i.v. antibiotic therapy would assuminlgy always precede his TESE operation.
Dear questioner,
in general, it is not known to me, that antibiotics could worsen the quality of sperms in case of a TESE. Because of the plannend ICSI a huge part of the envelope of the genetic material is gone respectively not necessary for the penetration of the sperm. It would be best to ask this question again to the involved human biologist, who is doing the ICSI in the laboratory. Unfortunately I cannot help you much further in here.
Best regards,
Dr. A.-U. Stücker