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Impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes

a CFTR-related diabetes is always preceeded by the diagnose IFG (impaired fasting glucose) or IGF (impaire glucose tolerance).
The other way round: do all CF patients with IFG and/or IGT develop CF-related diabestes? Or are the imapired values of IFG and IGT common in CF and do not predict a coming diabetes?
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we received the following answer by Prof. Dr. M. Ballmann (children's university hospital of Rostock, Germany):
"We have investigated in the frame of the CF-diabetes study several thousand oral glucose tolerance tests in more than 1000 patients. The predictors for a coming CF diabetes that can be drawn from an oral glucose tolerance test have been published in "J Cyst Fibros. 2014 Jan;13(1):80-5". In summary it can be said on your question: IFG and IGT are accompanied by a significantly increased risk to develop a CFRD. Additionally, an increased value one hour after glucose intake in the tolerance test is a positive predictor of the development of a CFRD." [end of the answer of Prof. Ballmann]
We hope that this answer is helpful for you.
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Annette Pfalz for ECORN-CF