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Maternity visit

Hello, I am already pregnant and mother of a little boy with cystic fibrosis; I wish to know if there were risks for him to come to see me in the maternity where his little brother will be born or if it is better to wait for the return at home (which would enormously grieve me). If there is no problem, are there any special precautions to take? Thank you for your answer in advance.
Congratulations for your pregnancy!
There are no special risks for your CF child to visit the baby in the maternity unit. Of course, if you have the possibility to put him a mask on when he is in the maternity corridors (before getting into your room), it may be better, but it is not essential. I would suggest you to contact your maternity unit to get sure that siblings have access to the maternity rooms (this is often the case).
Dr. H. Corvol