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Hello, what recommendations can you give us in foggy weather when the CF child is in school? Should he stay in the classroom during recreation in those days? My 7-year-old son has mainly affected the respiratory level. He's often obstrucitve and has two intravenous treatments per year. Thanks for your help

I have not found any recommendations regarding the fog. Your son can therefore easily enjoy the recreations with his friends. As pertaining for all children, during the winter or fog periods- cover him well. However, if your son is on intravenous treatment or is very obstructive, and if it reassures you, you can ask the teachers if it is possible that he remains in the warmth. But this will involves tying a teacher and perhaps also some friends prepared to stay to accompany him. It should be specified in the IHP (Individualized Home Plan) that you could fill in at the beginning of the school year. Please do what you feel that is best for your son. Consider also that this can trigger questions of his friends, then your child may be struggling if he is not prepared to those questions.

Catherine Tuysuzian