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At birth my baby boy has been colonized with MRSA in motherhood. After antibiotic treatment for 1,5 months, no trace of this staphylococcus was found in these monthly microbacterial sputum. Today, at the age of 13 months, he has this time a sensitive staphylococcus to antibiotics.

I read that this type of staph could only be catched via skin contact (hands). Out at home, we are very careful to always have clean hands and also our relatives (soap + hydro gel).
So we conclude that this type of germ can also be transmitted by clothing or just by a touch of cheeks. Can you confirm this?

We mistakenly thought until now that only hands could pass it on.

Staphylococcus cannot be transmitted by clothing, by cons, the possibility of transmission by direct contact (hands, face, wounds ...) with people who carry this germ is most likely. You should know that in the general population, about 1 in 3 people carries Staphlococcus permanently in the nose; which is a potential source of contamination and recontamination. In some cases, you can find this germ in children's environment, and establish if any contamination maneuvers.

Best regards,
Pr P. Reix