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Transmission of Pseudomonas possible while jumping on the trampoline?

my daughter is 7 years old, suffers from CF and since the beginning of the year we fight with Pseudomonas, still hoping to be able to erdicate it again.
Now my daughter does trampoline jumping in a sports club for a short period of time. At the last time it came out, that for 30 minutes, the older jumpers are already overlapping in the small gym to warm up. They run around the trampolines while my daughter is still jumping on them. Now there is also an older girl with CF under the trampoline jumpers. How possible is a transmission from one human to another? Should I get my daugher 30 minutes earlier in order to avoid a meeting of the two? My daughter whould then be in the gym for an hour and could do another half an hour if she likes. Or is there no risk in case of using the gym together if direct contact is avoided?
I am insecure because of the worry to get the other girl infected or to be reinfected oneself, if we hopefully will get rid of it again.
Many thanks for your answer
you report that your 7-yer-old daughter is colonized with Pseudomonas since the beginning of the year and that until now an eradication was not successful.

Your daughter does trampoline jumping in a sports club and there is another older girl suffering from CF. You ask, if a transmission of e.g. Pseudomonas bacteria is possible from child to child when using the same gym.

As long as there is no closer contact between your daughter and the other patient in the gym, there is with great security no risk for a transmission. However it should be avoided, that both children jump at the same time on the same trampoline and have therefore closer contact. This should with great security be no problem, as mostly only one person is jumping on one trampoline while doing this sport. Your daughter and the other child should keep a distance of about 2.5 meters, if they are in the same gym at the same time. Then a transmission of germs between the two is rather improbable with high securtiy.

Best regards,
Dr. H.-G. Posselt