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Water ionizer

Dear expert team,
my husband likes to buy an electric water ionizer for our drinking water (
According to the company, one gets than a healthy alkaline drinking water, that is free of all pollutants and rests of drugs, that is said to be especially suitable for CF patients due to the mentioned features. A possible contamination with germs is excluded if the filters are changed regularly.
Is such a water suitable for our daughter (4 years, CF) or would you rather dehort from using such a device?
Many thanks and best regards!
in case of regular changes of the filters, I regard a potential contamination with germs for very improbable. Scientific investigations are unfortunatley not available on this topic. Otherwise one could ask the company, if there are any ceritficates/ surveillance protocols of institutions such as e.g. pharmacies, that use such water ionizers.
Best regards,
Jörg Steinmann