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Child with immunosuppressive therapy in the same class


my daughter is 7-years-old and suffers from CF. At the moment she has a Pseudomonas. In her class, there is a child suffering from an autoimmune hepatitis and is under immunosuppressive therapy. I am worrying that the other child might probably acquire germs faster, that might be a risk for my daughther and of course the risk the other way round, that the Pseudomonas could be a risk for the other boy. Would it make sense to seperate the children, so that one goes to another class??
Furthermore I am worrying that the teachter underestimates the illness of CF and cannot handle it.
Many thanks for your opinion.

you report, that your 7-year-old daughter is in the same class at school as another child being under immunosuppressive therapy. You are worrying, that the child under immunosuppression could probably acquire germs more easily that are problematic for your child and at the same time you are afraid that the Pseudomonas of your daughter could be problematic for the other child.
About your first worry it can be said, that patients under immunosuppressive therapy are in no way a risk because they would be especially colonized with problematic germs. These patients are far more at risk, to acquire a severe infection by otherwise rather harmless germs. Your daughter does on the other hand do not represent a special risk for the other child. As you know, Pseudomonas bacteria are quite common in our environment. In case of a normal hygiene behaviour of your daughter and of the other child, a transmission of the germ is rather improbable. And even if it would come to a transmission, it is not sure that the germ would cause a severe infection in the other child.
Therefore a separation of the two children is absolutely not indicated.
I hope to have been able to alley your sorrows.

Best regards,
Dr. H.- G. Posselt