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Running dehorted

my son (25,CF) has been told from his CF center, running would not be the best sport for CF patients - as the pelvic diaphragm would be overloaded, as it would already be exposed to a high burden because of coughing.
Otherwise on hears however about the success for the lung function of CF patiens, who started running and even do marathon?
Many thanks for your answer!
To dehort running is in my opinion really not sensible, as especially running is an ideal method to losen secretions, coughing up and to prevent a deterioration of the lung disease. I know single patients, who have nearly only by intensive running a very stable lung function. That does not mean, that only running is enough, however running is a great completion of therapy.
I do not share the worries concerning the pelvic diaphragm, that could only play a role in the single case, e.g. women after pregnancy, for a young man this is irrelevant.
Therefore in summary: running is in my opinion very good for people with CF!
Best regards,
PD Dr. Rainald Fischer