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Fracture of the humerus with osteoporosis (lung transplanted)

[11.01.16 - addendum: on request we got the information: "Dear expert team, I am 51 years old and suffer from CF. Many tanks for the answer to my question. Regards, R. ]

Dear expert team,
12 weeks ago, I got an subcapital fracture of the humerus. Now the radiologist stated, that I have a reduced calcium content of the bones. I take bisphosphonates for years (alendronic acid 70mg) once a week, calcium 1000mg daily, active vitamin D (Dekristol 20.00 I.E.) twice a week, magnesium (150mg 5 capsules a day) orally.
Before the fracture, I did sports regularly and moved a lot in daily life. My vitamin and mineral levels in the blood are checked regularly, dosages if necessary are apted if the values have changed.
Is there any other therapy known to you, that could stimulate the growth of the bones positively (especially after lung transplantation)?
It has been recommended to me to do a diagnostic ultrasound treatment.
Furthermore, I got the recommendation to take golden minerals of "Self Health" (colloidal effect, therefore better uptake via the gut assumed) for 4 weeks.
Also a therapy ith Symphitum in the potency D200 - globuli at first daily for 2 weeks, then for further 4 weeks once a week is planned.

After homeopathic substances are used with great caution in case of transplanted patients, I am very insecure concerning the intake of the above mentioned substances.
Many thanks for your help.
Best regards from
a general recommendation that goes further then the above decribed measures does not exist. The mentioned homeopathic substances can be used without danger; the composition of the healing earth is not known to me, so that I would not recommend it.

Best regards,
Prof. TOF Wagner