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Pseudomonas at the beach

Are there any studies about the contamination of beaches of different European coast regions with Pseudomonas?
Is, for example, the beach at the North Sea less contaminated with Pseudomonas than a Mediterranean or an Atlantic beach?
We ask this, because we want to have the lowest possible risk when planning future holidays at the beach with a CF child...
Many thanks for your help!
there are only few studies about the conatmination with Pseudomonas aeruginosa of water or at beaches. Normally, P. aeruginosa does not survive in salty water. There, where wastewater is dumped into the sea, P. aeruginosa can be found in the water. This has been investigated in Europe for the regions arround the Mediterranean sea. However, one cannot make a general statement, at which European coasts regions the most conatminations with P. aerugionosa can be found. Therefore it can be recommended, to visit beaches or coast regions, where no wastewater is dumped into the sea, as there a better water quality can be expected.
Best regards,
Jörg Steinmann