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Electromyostimulation training (EMS)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Is it sensible for CF patients to do in addition to an endurance training an electromyostimulation training (EMS)? I got this hint because of my problems with my spinal discs (I suffer from CF, have problems in the cervical and lumbal spine as well as rheuma).
Many thanks for your answer!
with EMS devices there is a growth of muscles in principle possible (then also together with an increased calory need). Mostly the technique is used, when muscles should already be built up, without that e.g. the corresponding joints can be burdened after an operation. Also the muscles of the thorax and abdominal wall can be stimulated by this. Therefore this could be probably sensible in your case, if you want to strengthen the muscles in the region of the involved spinal discs. This kind of training should however be done only in experienced centers for this, because without a detailed instruction and position of the electrodes, the method does not function well.
For CF patients alone EMS is not sensible, because in here an endurance training is much more effective.
Best regards,
R. Fischer