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Hyperechogenic bowel

My daughter is 29 years old and is pregnant for the first time. During her investigation in the 21st week of her pregnancy an hyperechogenic bowel was found in the fetus. The blood testing and the testing for Downs syndrome were normal. Can you tell me something about the possibility of CF?
Dear friend,
In most cases of the finding of a hyperechogenic bowel in the fetus the pregnancy proceeds in a normal way without any problems. The hyperechogenic bowel is just a finding, and in no way can it be considered as proof for CF. It could occur due to many causes, such as a chromosome anomaly, the presence of blood in the bowel, or it could be an isolated, random finding. In a very small percentage (3.3-10%) it could be due to CF.
Regarding CF, the fetus could be genetically tested for CF mutations through amniocentesis. The greater the percentage of the CF mutations to be tested for (e.g. for 75%, or 95% of known CF mutations), the less are the chances for the fetus to have CF.

Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis