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Snake and CF

Hello ,
My 11 years old CF daughter has a heated terrarium in her room with a spot that contains a snake. The litter is purchased in a petshop and there's inside a container with water regularly changed.
What is the risk for her to have Pseudomonas aeruginosa? Knowing she would not put her nose in the container, and that's not her who changes the water. But she often cares for the snake and puts it up to her shoulders so close to her face. The snake goes in the water when "travelling".
Thank you for your reply .

We didn't find an expert who can really provide an answer to your question...

Nevertheless, I invite you to consult the following answer on ECORN:

It's not about snakes, but about turtles. Nevertheless, after some research on the web, the risks with a snake seems to be the same: there is a significant risk faced by children, more "sensitive" than adults, as they are in contact, even indirect, with reptiles (they can potentially be vectors of different diseases) :
[the following sites are in French]:!M2ZdV7IP7gEs

I suggest to discuss this with your CF team but also, why not, with a veterinarian who can give you advice to reduce risks to a minimum and / or to find a suitable solution.

Best regards
Laetitia Guéganton (moderator of the forum)