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Sailing school discovery

our 8-year old CF son will go in May with his class for a discovery sailing trip on Lake Thau, near Sète (France). The problem is that they will sail with little "optimistic" on the lake and not on the sea. The CF Center has not banned but said that it was not the ideal destination. From our parents point of view, the risk / benefit ratio confirms his participation in this collective adventure with his friends. Nevertheless, we would like your advice on the precautions and warnings related to this particular context, knowing that his Dad will be present on site and may take a number of specific constraints. Thank you for your help!
It is not easy to answer your general question.
Your CF center didn't bann this adventure, so your son will enjoy an extra school trip with his school friends.
From my point of view, there is nothing special besides basic hygiene:
- body shower daily or more if needed
- rinse and dry the suit and accessories after use
- avoid activities in standing water
As we often say:
"Reminder, Pseudomonas aeruginosa is found naturally in the environment and the risk of contamination is always possible and random even if hygiene conditions are met."
Enjoy your stay !
Best regards
Yann Kerneur