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Breastfeeding for CF mother

Hello I am pediatric nurse and I met a future CF Mom. She wonders about her ability or not to breastfeed her newborn.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you

Breastfeeding is not contra-indicated but must take into account the general and nutritional status of the patient and prescribed medications that can pass into breast milk. For example, if a course of antibiotics is necessary after childbirth, continued breastfeeding should be discussed by antibiotics.

Furthermore, it's important that the mother can manage her care and her baby without flagging care because of fatigue. The omission of aerosoltherapy or physiotherapy is usually accompanied with respiratory deterioration. Fatigue related to breastfeeding without relay by the spouse feeding at night the child with bottles is a factor to be taken into account if we want the mother keeping the same respiratory state to her pre-pregnancy state.

Nutritional supplementation is recommended in case of breastfeeding, as well as vitamin D even in the absence of pancreatic insufficiency. Extra hydration is also necessary.

Best regards,
Dr Isabelle Danner-Boucher