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Childhood diseases


My 3.5-year-old son started school in September and since he had 5 ear infections, laryngitis, some colds, a little bronchitis, gastro ... his cough occurs almost daily (with ups and downs, sometimes the day, sometimes the night, sometimes all the time ...).
How can we know if he is just as sick as his school friends and if it will get better next year or whether it is a CF exacerbation? What can we do ? Should we take special precautions?

Thank you.

Like many children, the first school year of your son is marked by many ENT episodes or lung infections, whether viral or bacterial origin. Some preventive measures are part of the "IHP" ("Individualized Home Project") established with the school, such as hand washing, nasal washing, nose blowing, or possibly the temporary removal of your child in case of major epidemics. But these measures, which may limit the risk of infection, never remove them totally.
Without generating excessive worry, infectious episodes nevertheless require particular attention in CF children, in which we must not trivialize daily cough. At the first sign of cold or increased cough, you could strengthen the wash nose, hydration and respiratory physiotherapy. If signs persist beyond a few days, the practice of bacteriological exams and the introduction of antibiotic therapy is often necessary. Do not hesitate to contact your CF center promptly in such cases, to decide together what to do.
Best regards
Dr Michèle Gérardin