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What can replace Colistin in aerosols in patients with CF? Colistin can not be found in pharmacies , they say is no longer manufactured, and if there is an equivalent for it and what are the doses for preparing aerosols.
Good afternoon,
Unfortunately, Colistin is no longer available in our country. Tobramycin can be used in aerosols, is registered in our country as aerosol solution (TOBI), but unfortunately cannot be found in pharmacy. Tobramycin solution for iv can be used, but managed in aerosols. We can not advice on a specific treatment, the patient's doctor can prescribe the therapy. We have to highlight that any medicine has side effects, and tobramycin solution for iv administration is not homologated for administration in aerosols. If any advice needed, please pose another question.
Dr. Liviu Laurentiu Pop

26.01.09 Addendum:
In the mean time colistin can be found in some pharmacy , being fabricated in our country. Best regards, Prof.Popa