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Cayston® and Pregnancy

Have we got data regarding Cayston® and pregnancy? Especially during the 1st 4 months?
Thank you


Cayston® is composed from Aztreonam Lysine powder dissolved in 1 ml of solvent and it is inhaled using a nebulizer.

There are no available data on the use of aztreonam in pregnant women. Animal studies do not indicate direct or indirect harmful effects on reproductive toxicity. The blood concentration of aztreonam following inhaled administration of Cayston® is low compared to a standard dose of aztreonam for injection (approximately 1% of the concentration resulting from a dose of 500 mg aztreonam for injection).

The risk appears low. As a general precaution for use during pregnancy, this product should, however, be used if the patient’s clinical condition requires it and there is no effective alternative.

Hop this answer can help.
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Gilles RAULT, MD, Roscoff CF Center