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Salt for nose cleaning

Hello, I'm 35 and I have cystic fibrosis. I have been cleaning my nose for 8 months with the rhino horn device. This allows nose cleaning with a very large amount of water and I find it very effective. Besides, I have less infection than before. To make it simple, I use warm tap water and table salt. But I was recently told that table salt, in the long run, would damage nasal walls and kill the cells of smell. If this is confirmed, is there another less aggressive salt? (I have heard of iodine-free salt, fluoride-free salt or salt to replenish but I admit not knowing what to take). Finally I wish to continue, where possible, to use warm tap water and add salt instead of a sodium chloride solution, to be heated in the microwave for convenience. Thank you
You must use salt without additives. Table salt contains some and must therefore be avoided. However it does not kill the cells of smell but we avoid treating mucous membranes with conservation chemicals. Respimer sea salt dissolves in water and is more anti-inflammatory than usual salt. In addition its pH is 7.4. It is not yet refunded.
Quality of tap water varies according to cities. It is advisable to use the cheapest mineral water such as Cristaline. But tap water in France is never toxic, so we cannot say that it is dangerous to use.
This response has been made with the help of Dr. Virginia Escabasse, ENT in Créteil.
Dr Dominique Hubert