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Sleep and stomach pains


Our son is 8-months-old. He was diagnosed at birth (deltaF508) and presents especially digestive symptoms improved by Creon (approximately 9000 before cq meal).

We are very bothered because he never had a complete night since his birth. He falls asleep alone in his bed but has at least 2 night awakenings (until 8 or 9 when he is sick - cold -)

We think that he has stomach pains: he's often very constipated (we give him Hepar in the day) and he has a lot of gases especially at night. What could we do? It is getting tiering for him and his older sister with whom he shares the room and als for us.

We read the previous answers on e-corn but they are rather older.

Thank you for your advice.

It is difficult to answer your question with the elements which we have. Your baby presents especially awakenings and night tears that you think of being bound to abdominal pains. How is he during the day? Does he also show signs of pain?

The night tears are not always bound to in particular painful precise causes. Verify of course first of all that his environment is adapted, in particular the temperature of the chamber in 18-19°C.
Your CF doctor is then best person to answer your questions, he has examined your baby and takes care of the constipation.

But the babies can Show like this simply their need or desire to be caressed, taken in arms.

If no cause is identified for your child, the psychologist of the CF center can advise and help you to cross this difficult cape.

Very cordially
Dr Michèle Gérardin