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My 5-year-old CF daughter has very big coughing fits when she wakes up and the rest of the day she does not almost cough. Her mattress is lifted, the physio says that it is very high (not down in lungs) and her bacteriological exam is negative.

Do we have to establish particular measures? To intensify the physio? To inhale pulmozyme®?

Thank you.

It's difficult to answer your question. Does your daughter have a dry or productive cough? The one speaks for irritation and the other one for congestion.
The dry cough cannot be influenced by physio. But if the cough is productive, the intensification of the physio is a good idea. If secretions are not modified afterwards, it is necessary to speack with your doctor to make a cure of antibiotic.
But in any case, the recommendations are one session of physio (with or without physiotherapist) daily and it should be long enough to be effective.
Pulmozyme® fluidifies secretions, so it can help the physio if secretions are too sticky and difficult to expextorate.
If the cough is only irritative, sprays or sprays of bronchodilators could help.
It is very common to cough more in the mornings because at night, we breathe more slowly, so secretions accumulate. They are mobilized in the awakening when the rhythm and the respiratory volume increases.
I hope to have answered your question.
Good day
Charlotte Lacarriere