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We are parents of a CF 5-year-old child.
We were asked to "think" and "give an answer" to a proposal of the CF doctor: prescribe our child "a small dose of insulin daily, free blood glucose measurement, preventive."
We fail to understand this question, because we are not doctors...
Thank you in advance for your response that we "enlighten" and that will help us answer this question.

The question you ask is difficult, such as the question by your doctor...

In CF, insulin is used in treatment of diabetes, but also by some at an earlier stage of glucose intolerance, or to improve nutritional status.

The doctor who follows your child wants to involve you in reflection and decision processing. This process, called "shared medical decision" is developing in some teams. For this, it is necessary to have received and understood information about the arguments for this treatment, the expected benefits, constraints, procedures, studies that are available, and other elements.

For your child, is the doctor alerted by abnormal examinations, insufficient weight gain, or by repeated infections? The treatment will be proposed for a fixed period and then re-evaluated?

Feel free to go back to your doctor and express your dismay, your difficulty to choose, and maybe your wish that the CF physician makes this decision with your agreement.

Best regards
Dr Michèle Gérardin