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Pregnancy and CF

Hello, I have an urgent question. I am 26-years-old and weigh 54kg. I only inhale with hypertonic saline 6% 2-3 times a day and use salbutamol spray 2 times a day. Additionally, I take Kreon. I got pregnant with the permission of my CF physician via in-vitro fertilization. My lung function was around 67% before pregnancy and I am doing quite fine. I used to run on the running belt 4-5 km 4-5 times a week.
Now I have the problem, that I was not allowed to run in the first 3 months of pregnancy as I had bleedings during pregnancy, that came however only from the opening of the cervix. Therefore I do not run for the last 6 weeks and therefore I have now more mucus and I am afraid that the lung function is worsening due to this. I have already talked to my physiotherapist about this and she is of the opinion, that this would not be a problem and that I could improve lung function after birth via intensifying therapy.
I urgently need advice how I can keep fit in spite of this respectively keep the lung function up. When inhaling hypertonic saline I use the flutter and a cornet, nothing else.
I ask for a quick answer, many thanks.
Dear questioner,
first of all I congratulate to your pregnancy and I am glad together with you about your baby! I keep my fingers crossed that pregnancy is passing well and that you stay in good health.
Now to your question, you want to know, how you can keep fit during pregnancy, if there are restrictions from the gynecological side. Moving and physiotherapeutical exercise are for sure good for you, however have to be adjusted to your actual situation. You want to know, what you are allowed to do concretely and what would possibly be not good for you and your baby. My proposal: obviously you have a good and familiar physiotherapist. Therefore I would recommend, that your physiotherapist contacts your gynecologist, and gets information, which kind of “calmness” is exactly necessary in your case. By this, your physiotherapist can adjust you therapeutical offers for you individually. As I do not know, how experienced your physiotherapist is in the field of CF, I want to mention, that your physiotherapist could, if necessary, get advice from experienced CF physiotherapists from the working group physiotherapy from the German patient organization Mukoviszidose eV. Both physiotherapists from our CF center in Frankfurt/Germany are for sure willing for such an exchange. The telephone numbers of the CF physiotherapists from Frankfurt can be found via the Internet or just by calling the CF center Frankfurt.
I hope, to have helped you with my answer and stay with my best regards,
Yours Dr. Christina Smaczny