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New curcuma preparation

As far as I know, the effect of curcuma on CF is tested in the Netherlands in clinical studies. Now I have read, that a new preparation is going to be put on the market, that should guarantee a high bio-availability of curcuma and therefore should be especially suitable for CF ( Could you please give me a statement on this preparation? Is it worth a try? And if, for which mutation classes it makes sense?
With best regards and thank you very much!
I only know the project of Hugo de Jonge (Rotterdam), who investigates, if a combination of Genistein and curcuma has a therapeutical effect in patients with S1251N-mutations. As far as I know, it is investigated, if this combination has similar effects on gating-mutations (class III, e.g. G551D) as Kalydeco by Vertex company. In general I would dehort from taking drugs, that are still in the study phase. Here we have not sufficient information on the effects and on the side-effects, either. Furthermore, the investigated dosages are not yet the ones, that are recommended for the patients in the end. Furthermore it is a combination, that includes curcuma and not curcuma alone. Concerning the class III mutations, one can even say, that for the mutations that are tested with the new combination there is already with Kalydeco a licensed drug on the market that should be preferred. If you do not yet know to which class your mutations belong (this is going to be more and more important for the future individual therapy), I would recommend, to talk with your CF physician about this..He can inform you for sure about this and can advise you concerning the new therapeutic options. We all hope, that also those combinations that are actually tested by Mr. Jonge, can have as a consequence that a greater choice for mutation specific therapies is possible in the future.
Best regards,
Olaf Sommerburg