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Sexuality and libido

I'm a 23-year-old CF woman. For 3,5 years I have a boyfriend and I have great difficulty with sexuality: I am more often tired and I have a "sensitive" cervix (inflammation). I bleed after every sexual relation (this problem has been seen and reviewed several times with a gynaecologist and despite treatment and operation, it's coming back...)
Is there anything to do against low libido? A help? Propitious moments?
For the day when I'm not with him I think a lot and I really want him, but once in the evening I no longer think and when we go to bed my only wish is to sleep. However once in action I forget my fatigue, but I never wanted before.
I feel that this becomes a real problem in our relation and my boyfriend is more and more frustrated.

Thank you for your help

It's seem you have several difficulties:

- For bleeding problems due to inflammation of the cervix, I strongly encourage you to consult your gynecologist again. To facilitate sexual relation, you can also use single-dose lubricating gels and vaginal probiotics (the vaginal flora can be altered by repeated antibiotic use). You can also use mild soaps for "personal hygiene" with neutral pH (pH = 7) to protect the vaginal flora and limit mycoses. Don't hesitate to ask advice your pharmacist, your gynecologist or your CF team;

- For fatigue: I suggest you consult the answers posted on ECORN which may be able to help you (you'll find some particular advice on the most appropriate positions to avoid excessive fatigue and / or shortness of breath). Maybe you can try to foster moments when you feel less tired (in the morning? A weekend "in love" - a sweat escape - if you can ...)

- And for decreased libido: it is a complex interaction of multiple factors (undoubtedly the mentioned difficulties interfere). You can find some ideas to "boost the libido" (I do not speak of "treatments" but rather small ideas, tips etc ... to give spice to the sexual life of everyone as you can well imagine, this kind of "worries" is quite common). Again, your gynecologist may also help you and guide you, in 2nd line and if you really need (having first tried the various solutions), to a specialist (sexologist, therapist ...)

Hope it could help,
Best regards,
Laetitia Guéganton (Forum Moderator) and Dr Kateline Hubeaux (rehabilitation physician, Ildys Foundation)