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Hello dear expert team,
My grandson who is living in France (2.5 years old, CF) is very well followed up in the CF center in Lille and he is doing really find---he thrives very well. He is very active, has three times a week physiotherapy and does not show any lung symptoms. He did not have infections until now.
My question:
The family wants him to learn swimming. We are living in Bad Pyrmont. We have a thermal swimming poolgg (Hufeland thermes) where also our children learned swimming.
The facts:
According to the personal the water has 2% salt, is disinfected with 3-6 mg Chloride/l and the temperature is 32°C. Can we take our grandson without worries to that swimming pool?
Many thanks for your efforts,
Dear questioner,
I am glad to hear, that your grandson is well thriving.
Due to the preparation of the water (filtration/chlorination) the water in the pool of even thermal baths is free of germs. Thermal baths have to follow the same microbiological controls like outdoor pools or other indoor pools. In case of crossing the limit value, the authority in charged is informed (in general the public health department). You can also get information at the owner of the pool respectively the health authorities.
Pseudomonas as a typical humid germ is in general killed by the amount of chlorine that you mentioned. Due to the uniform hygienic laws for public pools there is in my opinion no increased risk when going to thermal baths compared to the classical swimming pools.
Best regards,
Jörg Steinmann