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School trip

I have an 8-year-old CF daughter and the teacher told me about a "green class" (school trip) project for next spring for a week. I wonder how I could allow my child to participate in this trip due to the absence of inhalation and physiotherapist sessions during those 5 days. Could you please give me your opinion?

There is no contraindication for CF children (even young) to participate in discovery classes. They come back, most of them, mostly delighted.

But everyone has to agree: children, parents, teachers and caregivers. Participation in these classes necessarily requires adjustments and concessions from all.

If the health of your daughter allows it, I would not be against temporary relief of the most time consuming care (aerosols and respiratory physiotherapy). Isn't it possible to inhale the aerosols during the five days that the green class lasts? If it is an antibiotic aerosol, can it not be administered in a form other than nebulization (dry powder)? Isn't it possible to realize 2 drainage sessions during these five days?

You should have these discussions with your CF healthcare team, because as you have understood, there is no single answer. It is by discussing openly with them that you will be able to go beyond your apprehensions and your reservations.

Best regards.
Philippe Reix