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CT-scan and x-ray in children

I wonder about the interest for an annual chest x-ray to an asymptomatic baby, carrying only staphylococcus (methicillin sensibel). Is it possible to perform the x-ray only every two years rather than yearly as long as it remains asymptomatic to limit its exposure to radiation at this age when they are so sensitive? I have read that the CT scan at the age of two years is a standard of care in some CF centers. Is this true? Thank you very much.
The annual x-ray is part of the standard recommendations of management of the patient with cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis - national protocol of diagnosis and care for a rare disease. French high authority of health - 2008 The additional x-rays must take account of the risk/benefit ratio according to the clinical situation of the patient. There is no recommendation about CT-scan frequency. The indication of CT-scan can vary according to the clinical situation of the patient and the practices of centres and countries.
Pr M. Abely